Personalized Books for Boyfriends

Personalized Books for Boyfriends

Personalized books for boyfriends are a sure fire way to let your partner know you care. The perfect gift for the boyfriend who has everything, a personalized book is a great way to celebrate your relationship and your love for each other, with a funny twist. Likely not a gift your boyfriend ever thought he’d receive - not since his aunt Mary bought him a personalized book as a baby - it’s sure to take even the most unflappable man-friend by surprise! Personalized books for boyfriends and husbands are a unique, memorable, funny way to celebrate a momentous occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just a surprise gift for being him, personalized books for boyfriends are a memorable keepsake for all ages and interests.

Our Recommended Best Personalized Books for Boyfriend Gift

We highly recommend the Story of Us, a personalized book of love for boyfriends, husbands and partners. Customize the story fully with your partner’s name, some of his like and dislikes, and some other personal information, and we’ll do the rest. It’s a funny book that will certainly raise a smile, without being rude or inappropriate - it’s the perfect gift for partners of all ages, a funny birthday surprise

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personal to the boyfriend, husband or partner in your life. The book comes in a range of different cover colors depending on your taste, with something for everyone.

Check out the teal or navy covers for a strong, masculine look to this hilarious personalized book gift, or go yellow or pink for something a bit cheekier! It’s totally up to you. And with binding in paperback and hardback available, you can upgrade to superior, durable quality for the ultimate personalized gift.

How It Works: Order Your Personalized Book for Boyfriend

It’s very straightforward to order a personalized book for your boyfriend or partner - all you need is some basic information about them to include in the personalization information. Once you’ve chosen your preferred book, cover option and binding, it’s time to process the order and checkout as you usually would when buying anything online. Our payments are of course totally secure and powered by Shopify for a seamless shopping experience. Then you’ll be asked to input the personalization information we need to make up your book. Just simple things like their name, their favorite hobby/film/sports team, and we take it from there. Our team then gets to work using the information you’ve provided to create a magnificent personalized book for your boyfriend, husband or partner - shipped to an address of your choosing or as a gift item to suit. Then all that’s left is for your boyfriend to relax and enjoy his personalized gift!

Why Buy A Personalized Book for Boyfriend Gift from Story of Me?

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We work tirelessly every day to send out personalized books of the highest quality. It starts with our writing and concept stage, with each of the books we publish compiled in-house by our talented creative team. Then, its the printing - we partner with printers across the world to provide high gloss paper, premium ink, and brilliant quality paperback and hardback covers, to create books that wouldn’t look out of place from any major publishing house. Our quality is second to none, and an important part of why we’re such a popular choice for personalized books for boyfriends and others. We back it up with exceptional customer service, with our team always eager to help you get the best book possible. It’s that combination of product and quite honestly the love and passion for our books, that makes us the number 1 choice for your personalized boyfriend gift.

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