Personalized Books for Birthday Gifts

When you want to mark a birthday in style, personalized books for birthday gifts certainly fit the bill. A unique, thoughtful gift item you don’t see everyday, personalized books are a memorable alternative to the usual types of gifts. The personalization element adds incredible value, and means you gift will stand out from the crowd. For the child or adult receiving, it shows the thought you’ve put in to buying for their special occasion. And with exceptional quality products like personalized books from Story of Me, it certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Our Recommended Best Personalized Books for Birthday Gifts

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The best personalized books for birthday gifts are those that are specifically tailored around the name and life information of the person at the heart of the story.

One of our most popular products here is our personalized kids books for birthdays, starting with ‘My First Birthday’, a cute woodland animal tale putting the kid and their family at the heart of the story. We also offer ‘My Second Birthday’ personalized kids book and ‘My Third Birthday’ personalized kids book, suitable for ages 2 and 3. Alternatively, if you want a non-birthday themed personalized book for kids, our classic ‘Bedtime Rhymes’ is amongst the most popular gift items we offer. Packed with well-known rhymes and a few originals too, the book cleverly works the child’s name and other details into the story, for a seamless, personalized birthday gift no-one is going to forget in a hurry. And with the exceptional quality of all our books, in both paperback and hardback, this is one gift they’re going to be keeping for a long time to come.

How It Works: Order Your Personalized Book for Birthday Gifts

Buying personalized books for birthday gifts from Story of Me could not be easier. We’ve made the process simple with our online checkout system, powered by Shopify. Simply choose your preferred book and enter your details to complete the purchase - just as you would when buying anything else online. At the point of checkout, you’ll be asked for some personalization information. Don’t close this window - it’s important you give us the information we need to personalize your book to the child and their family before shipping. Please provide all the information requested and double check your spelling before sending - just to help us avoid any mixups in the printing process! Once you’ve completed your purchase and sent through the personalization data, our team get busy making your book into the best possible gift it can be. With love in every personalization, we take our time to make sure you’re getting the high quality gift product you need.

Why Buy A Personalized Book for Birthday Gift from Story of Me?

We have quickly built a reputation as the world’s leading publisher of personalized books for kids and adults, owing to the quality of our product and the exceptional levels of customer service we provide. We’re all about meeting the needs of our customers - from processing orders and making books quickly, through to the emotional tear in the eye on delivery. It’s all part of why we love doing what we do, helping kids and parents the world over bond over a love of reading. The quality of our books is incredible, as our many reviews will testify. Not only the physical quality in terms of the premium ink, high gloss paper or vividly brilliant front covers, but als the internal quality of the writing, the illustrations and the design. It all comes together to make our products and service an unrivalled package for your personalized book for birthday gift buying needs.
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