Personalized Books for a Big Sister

If you know a child who has recently become a big sister, it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for them. When you’re looking for something that’s engaging, educational and meaningful to mark the occasion of becoming a big sister. The best thing about personalized books for a big sister is not only does it encourage some extra one-on-one time for cuddling up with each other reading stories, there is the also the educational element to it. It’s the happiness you see in a child's eyes when they realise that the book is all about them, and it makes them feel so special at a time where there’s some adjustments in their home-life.

Personalized books for a Big Sister is the perfect way to mark the occasion of a younger sibling being born, and they are the ideal gift to show the child just how much they mean to you. We have a wide variety of personalized books for kids from birth onwards, which are custom made, and there’s plenty to suit any child. It’s a beautiful keepsake and ideal gift for young children and toddlers - something they will keep and look back on in the future when they’re all grown up.

Our Recommended Best Personalized Books for a Big Sister

Our highly recommended book, ‘Bedtime Rhymes’, is an ideal gift if you’re looking for a personalized book for a big sister.

Your child is at the heart of the all the stories and rhymes, some of which are well-known, and some which are originals that will be new to your child. All that needs done from your end is to provide us with some simple details, including the child’s name, family members, a gift message of your choice, and a few others. ‘Bedtime Rhymes’ is highly recommended by hundreds of kids and families from all over the world. 

Another option is our ‘Dinosaur Adventure’ book. This is a super exciting story book where your child goes to bed one night, but actually ends up meeting the dinosaurs! It must have been a nice dream.. Or did it actually happen?! Everybody loves this story, children and parents alike. It’s a great one if your new big sister loves dinosaurs.

How It Works: Order Your Personalized Book for a Big Sister

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure it’s as easy as possible for you to order your personalized book for a big sister with us. Make sure you have a look through our wide range of books to choose the best fit for the child. Once you’ve chosen the book, fill out all your shipping details at the checkout - this can be your own details, or the details of the recipient if you’d like it shipped directly to them. Don’t worry about where you are in the world, we have printers based all over, so we’ve got you covered.

After the shipping details, we ask for the information we need to personalize your book. We take all this information and lovingly create the perfect book for your child, with their name on the front cover and their personal details throughout the story. Once it’s made, we send it straight over to the shipping company, and they take care of getting it straight to you.

Why Buy A Personalized Book for a Big Sister from Story of Me?

We make all our books in the hope that they will be kept for a lifetime. Wiith every single book we make, we take such great care, and ensure that they are top quality.

Every single book is made to last - the paperback books are printed on high gloss paper, in our premium ink for a totally superb finish, and the quality of our hardback bindings is outstanding. They make for such a thoughtful gift for any big sister. We have an absolute passion for Children and parents alike and hope they cherish these books and look back on them all through their lives. We have a dedicated support team who can assist with any queries, and speedy manufacturing times. If you’re looking for a unique personalized book for a big sister then you’re in the right place.

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